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Martini Film Studios Speakers at FortisBC’s The Future of Energy Landscape

Gemma Martin, CEO of Martini Film Studios, recently spoke at FortisBC’s The Future of Energy Landscape. She joined keynote speakers Arlene Dickinson (District Ventures Capital) and Peter Tertzakian (Economist & Investment Strategist) and panelist Daniele Chiodini (Andion Group), James Lota (City of Burnaby), Jason Wolfe (FortisBC), Joe Mazza (FortisBC) and Ulrich Holdenried (Lulu Island Waste Water Treatment Plant) 

During the conference, Gemma shared with industry leaders how Martini Film Studios is providing film and TV productions with sustainable and renewable energies at their properties, including the use of Solar Energy and Renewable Natural Gas. Martini Film Studios was the first film studio in British Columbia to switch to Renewable Natural Gas to heat their stages and offices.  

“I am amazed by the panel that presented! I learned a lot about how Renewable Natural Gas is produced, and how other industries are using it to power and heat their businesses,” said Gemma Martini , CEO Martini Film Studios. “I feel fortunate that the film industry is focussed on carbon footprint reduction so that we can work in partnership with productions to implement RNG and other sustainability initiatives.”

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