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Netflix Renews Partnership with Martini Film Studios


  • Netflix is extending its lease agreement with Martini Film Studios in Langley, British Columbia for an additional five years.
  • The lease extension will provide the company with continued access to eight stages and more than 260,000 square feet of total space.
  • Recent Netflix productions filmed at Martini Film Studios include Space Force S2, Mixtape, Another Life S2, Ivy & Bean and Grendel S1.
  • Together Netflix and Martini Film Studios have partnered on several initiatives including the installation of 20 electric vehicle charging stations at the facilities as well as providing the use of stage space for professional training programs to increase capacity for the province’s growing production sector.
  • Netflix was Martini Film Studios first client in the studio’s first facility in 2017.

Quote from Gemma Martini, Founder and CEO, Martini Film Studios: “From day one, Netflix
has been such an incredible partner for Martini Film Studios. As we grow our studio business, I
am thrilled to continue that partnership for another 5 years. Netflix is a very important part of
the production sector here in BC and we really appreciate the huge vote of confidence it is
showing, both to the Martini Film Studios but also to the world class crew and technicians that
hold up our industry”

Quote from Justis Greene, Line Producer, Another Life S1 & S2 and Grendel S1:
“I’m continually impressed by Martini’s commitment to meeting the needs of every project
that films on their stages. Working at their facility has been a world-class experience and I
look forward to producing more amazing Netflix series there in the future.”

Quote from Amy Reinhard, VP, Studio Operations, Netflix: “With more than 60 Netflix
shows and movies filmed in BC since 2018, we’re excited to be redoubling our commitment to
the region as a production center. There’s an incredible level of talent, innovation and creativity across the province, and we’re pleased to extend our relationship with Martini Film Studios which has been an outstanding partner.”

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