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Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles in Film

Today, we had the privilege of hosting the BC Trucking Association for their Low & Zero Emission Commercial Vehicle Summit. Media, government, and academia walked through Studio A and had the chance to “kick the tires” of the next generation of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

“Helping our industry to make the switch to low and zero-emission vehicles is imperative to decarbonizing our industry,” said Dave Earle, BCTA President and CEO. “Medium and heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for about 50% of greenhouse gas emissions produced from BC’s road transportation sources, so our sector has a large role to play toward evolving to a clean energy future. OEMs have made great progress toward zero-emission technologies and we’re excited for them to showcase their vehicles and increase awareness to ultimately enable greater adoption by our sector in BC.”

As a leader in Green Film Production, we are excited to see these vehicles hit the road, and provide new green opportunities for all industries, while also helping the film industry reach its Net Zero goals.

Visit Creative BC Reel Green and learn how the industry is adopting and implementing more environmentally sustainable practices on set.

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