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Motion Picture Industry Injects $3.4B into 2017/2018 BC Local Economy

Creative BC recently released 2017/2018 fiscal data related to the sizeable economic boost provided to the BC economy from the motion picture industry.

There is much good news within this number. For instance, $1.78 billion accounts for jobs directly related to the industry and labor income. However, the better news is how this industry has continued to grow.

According to the data released, the province hosted 452 productions, compared to the previous year’s 338 (a 25% increase). The total production spend increased to $3.4B, a 33% increase over $2.6 billion in 2016/2017. Labour spend at $1.78B was a 28% increase over the previous year’s $1.28B.

Prem Gill, Chief Executive Officer at Creative BC was quoted in the article, saying, “The people working in BC’s motion picture industry have earned this province a global reputation for innovation and full service excellence… the positive economic and labor income footprints of motion picture in BC are expanding due to industry and government collaboration, incredible talent, world-leading industry expertise and robust infrastructure.”

However, it should be noted that it would be overly simplistic to apply the old adage, ‘if you build it, they will come’ to the apparent motion picture industry boom in BC. Directors and Producers of today continue to push and examine new boundaries. They are progressive, innovative and looking to capture and showcase stories in ever changing ways.

Gemma Martini, CEO of Martini Film Studios echoes the sentiment of Creative BC’s Chief Executive Officer, “We are very proud to be working with our peers and partners in the industry, providing and supporting new innovative space, efficiencies and availability. In this fast-growing business, our mission at Martini Film Studios is to set the bar for higher standards in convenience, green initiatives and production-friendly campuses. We look forward to the many opportunities and collaborations that will ensure the local studios, talent and crews are the first choice and international leaders in the business of entertainment.”

The full Creative BC news release follows:

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