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At Martini Film Studios, we offer a Courthouse, Hospital, and Emergency Room flat pack sets (with some set dec) that are perfect for your next production. Conveniently stored on our property, these sets are ready for quick setup on any of our stages. Browse the photos below or request access to our full detailed gallery to see more.

We encourage productions to join the circular economy by sharing, reusing, refurbishing, and recycling sets and materials. This approach helps reduce waste, minimize the need for new materials, and promote sustainability.

why participate in the circular economy
  1. Environmental Conservation: Reducing waste and reusing materials helps decrease the environmental footprint of each production.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Reusing and refurbishing sets can lead to significant cost savings for productions, as it reduces the need and time to purchase new materials.
  3. Sustainability: By minimizing waste and maximizing the use of existing resources, we contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Flat Pack Sets

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