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Please note, Martini Film Studios and/or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for television, film and creative content of any sort, new products, product improvements, new technologies, services, advertising, promotion campaigns or marketing. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals or materials in any form to Martini Film Studios or any of its employees. The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when Martini Film studios may or may not have projects and strategies in development that might appear to be similar or identical to ideas submitted unsolicited.

If despite knowing our policy, you still submit your ideas to Martini Film studios then regardless of what your letter, email, cover, or other transmission may say, the following terms shall apply to your submissions:

1. Will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary;
2. May be used, redistributed, or disclosed for any purpose and in any way, without any compensation to you or any third party; and
3. Martini Film Studios holds no obligation to the submission including but not limited to reviewing, acknowledging, or returning any materials relating to the submission.

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