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Our Boeing 767-200 set is available for filming with coach seating (first class seats available) and extra-wide aisles for camera dollies and equipment. The set includes a small jetway at the main passenger door. The cabin has controllable LED lighting throughout and has food service carts and galley equipment props. The set is located at Fort Langley Airport which hasĀ a selection of large modern hangars, runway and tarmac areas. Martini Aviation also has a range of aircraft and aviation assets available for filming.

boeing 767-200 Standing Set features
  • Controllable LED Lighting Throughout
  • Extra Wide Aisles for Camera Dollies
  • Food Service and Galley Props
  • Small Jetway at Main Passenger Door
  • Wilds Throughout
  • On Site Parking
  • Space for Catering and Crew Tents

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